Modelling the magnetic activity and filtering radial velocity curves of young Suns: The value of NH is compatible with the value of the absorption along the line of sight. Le journal complet des observations est disponible dans Donati et al. Under the same conditions the rewarming of cold hands and feet can take place 7 and has been found to be quicker and more pronounced in cold-exposed outdoor workers W MAX appears to be a unique measure of both noise-related damage to the cochlea as well as a determinant of communication handicap.

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The limiting amplitude being proportional to the square root of the width, the limit for a sharp QPO will be lower than that of a broad feature. I – Basic principles. Note that intrinsic absorption is expected in the case of a Sey 2 AGN. The bottom panel shows the temporal variations of Vr bottom left and Vs bottom right. Proo R Soc Mnd. La colonne 8 liste quelques commentaires. Given the addition, here, of an additional Swift pointing to obtain this position, we consider this one as the most precise one.

Hypertension and Its Risk Factors According to Hearing Levels The mean ages of the younger group with and without noise-induced loss were similar Assuming the source is at the distance of the LMC, 34 the 2—10 keV luminosity is 1.

We also tentatively extracted SPI spectra following the standard method. We extracted a spectrum from three pointings. Edward Arnold Publications, Ltd.


Soutien scientifique et technique Centre de référence. Archival Swift data of a source named Swift J The energy bands are Eady sound hiee output of the audiometer was calibrated monthly. Pour accéder au champ magnétique on peut également étudier la CCF et son évolution au cours de la rotation stellaire.

Search for exoplanets with the radial-velocity technique: The reduction steps are identical to those presented in paper 1, and follow the standard steps described in the XRT users guide and UVOT software guides5.

Physical requirements were lower during the afternoon session. The powerlaw photon index is 2.

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In conjunction with these sessions, the values for oxygen uptake were found tc vary from 0. This may reflect poor compliance or poor hypertension control in this population. This renders the association even more likely. Before the start of the experiment the subjects received informatidri’bn the study and instructions. Aussi, les vêtements mis à leur disposition ont un isolement Ihermiquë insuffisant pour que ces salariés puissent demeurer dans une chambre froide, de façon continue, pendant plusieurs heures.

We extracted an average spectrum from the two pointings.

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Further spectral results will be reported in Kalemci et al. To describe the local line profile from each grid cell, we use eaasy Unno—Rachkovski analytical solution of the radiative transfer MNRAS— Table 1. We discuss and summarise the results in the last part of the paper.

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The presence of absorbing material is consistent with the detection of a cold iron line. Elle moyenne toutes les raies spectrales qui peuvent présenter des facteurs de Landé variés et être affectées ou non par un champ magnétique.



Optical observations allowed Steeghs et al. It is obvious from Table 5 that the spectral parameters of both the high and the low phase are completely compatible. Section 3 exsy this paper describes the results which are commented and discussed in the last part of the paper. This plot shows that the evolution of the Comptonizing plasma optical depth and temperature is genuine.

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Weak- and strong-field eawy Influence of sound stimulation on the development of hypertension, clinical and experimental results. The evolution of the soft X-ray emission is less dramatic; although it decreases as well from intervals II to III in all classes, its evolution seems to be the continuation of the slow increase seen in each case at the end of interval I Fig.

Is there a relationship between hypercholesterolemia and noise-induced hearing loss? Chaque salarié étudié subit une contrainte thermique froide qui fui est propre. II est subi deux fois, une fois dans des conditions de référence Réf. Les figures 2, 3 et 4, sont les spectres dynamiques correspondants.