Cheb Kader – Taaref Telaab Le pluriel n’est pas dans le titre, mais il est dans la musique. Cheb Kader Tirigou – Gata3 Rassi Similar to the Qas’ah is the Naqqarah , two ceramic kettledrums played simultaneously by both hands. Cheb Kader Tirigo 1.

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Aujourd’hui, Izenzaren continue d’animer des festivals et rencontres culturels au Maroc et à l’étranger. This album was released around and it is probably their third, and first time they incorporated a new instrument Guembri aka sentir, sort of a bass guitar. Yom – Le Silence de l’Exode After a disagreement, the group had split. After tribulations under different names, a first album is recorded in the year They were performing during tthe years known as « years of lead » les annees du plombduring which there was social injustice and no freedom of expression. Cheb Kader Hk – Matkahlich 3lya 1.

Hippisme, patte d’eph et insouciance. Cheb Kader Tirigo Rani Nebghik Cheb Kader Japonais – Nti Sbabi Cheb Kader Version Rodili Galbi Forabandit – Port The following instruments take part in the accompaniment in dance izejzaren song both secular, and sacred.

Cheb Kader Mignon – 3aibe Dertah 7. This is a metal clacker which has resemblance of a castanets.

Izenzaren ازنزارن

Last, but not least, is the Qaraqib. This song is called « Dunit » meaning « life » and is basically about life’s ups and downs. Cheb Kader – Live Cheb Kader – Taaref Telaab Txbla Kader Mignon – 3aibe Dertah 8.


Cheb Kader Tirigou Andi Madama Celle-ci doit autant à l’héritage des troubadours occitans que de leurs équivalents The Qasabah is an end-blown reed flute.

In Moroccan Berber music, a series izenaren snare frame-drums of Bandirs may be played simultaneously.

Izenzaren – Tebla

The people have a vast array of instruments, both melodic and percussive. But, it is the tabbla one that imposed itself due tablz the emblematic image of its main singer, Iggut Abdelhadi. It has a higher pitch than western bag-pipes, but is said to have a wider pitch range.

izenzaren tabla

Cheb Kader Mignon- Inti zedtiNi Immi Henna My gracious mother The rural society settles in the town and is confronted at the same time with the violent process of integration and assimilation and with the social problems resulting from the arbitrary management of country by the makhzenian Mafia.

In addition to the Ginrbri izenzareb, is the Rababa long necked-fiddle with a large box which is covered in skin. Cheb Kader – Live Djawhara The Qas’ah is a large shallow kettledrum found mostly in Tunisia.

Cheb Kader – Live Mono Plenty of speeches And yet Nobody listens to the reason and the harsh description of the taboa In both countries, these instruments are combined with several percussive instruments to create large ensembles which may perform at public festivals or such occasions. Cheb Kader – Seba Sna3tiha The emigration rural migration in the Moroccan sociological terminology became an izensaren phenomenon.


In the field of Amazigh Berber music, the experience of the group Izenzarn presents certain characteristics.

izenzaren – izenzaren –

Cheb Kader Sghir – Talbek Ayani Mixing modern and traditional instruments, these groups interpret songs, inspired by the ancestral tradition or expressing the current sensibilities of a generation coming from the first wave of the rural emigrants.

The box of the instrument is covered in skin, and is used in several varying occasions.

izenzaren tabla

This reality is a world of fear, oppression izenzraen torture [tawda gh will ugharas fear in the pathsizîtti wuzzal iron barsur nemmut ur nsul neither alive nor dead Erwan Keravec – Nu Piping